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Rare's 'The Fast & The Furriest' revealed for XBLA


Exciting news for furry fiends: Rare is currently developing The Fast & The Furriest, a party-sports hybrid with Vision cam support, for Xbox Live Arcade, reports X3F. An unnamed source has passed along a stack of presentation materials that detail the game of mini-games. Apparently, Rare initially intended for the events to be controlled with some sort of gesture wand (um, wrong console...), but has settled on ever-awkward mocap controls. Thankfully, flapping your arms up and down to sprint the 100-meter dash is optional.

Players will be able to reunite with fan-favorites of yesteryear by selecting characters like Conker and Banjo – and even better, players can inhabit these cuddly creatures. Indeed, here's where F&F borders on fetishism, allowing players to superimpose their likenesses onto the bodies of Rare's fuzzy mascots as they bumble through games of croquet, bowling, volleyball, fishing and target practice. The Fast & The Furriest is still under development and currently without release date.

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