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Realtek and Intel to show off single-chip WUSB solutions at CES


It looks like Realtek and Intel will each be doing their part to push wireless USB (or WUSB) at CES, with the pair set to team up to demonstrate how their respective single-chip solutions work with one another. Those solutions include Realtek's RTU7105 Wireless USB device and Intel's Wireless UWB Link 3480 Single-Chip CMOS Wireless USB host device, each of which are interoperable in multiple WiMedia band groups, including multiple bands that meet existing worldwide regulatory requirements. Not exactly the most exciting stuff for casual consumers to be sure, but according to the two companies, this will be the first public demonstration of WUSB interoperability involving single-chip solutions for both the host and device and, given the likely preponderance of such devices in the not too distant future, that's certainly something at least worth taking note of.

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