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Wadia Digital intros iTransport: the audiophile's iPod dock

Darren Murph

We've seen some fairly snazzy aftermarket iPod docks before, but Wadia Digital is hoping to lure a few C-notes from the wallets of bona fide audiophiles with its iTransport. This Made for iPod device reportedly bypasses the PMP's "internal D/A conversion and output stage," which enables the music to stream through "clean and unadulterated." Hailed as the "market's first digital player dock to retrieve a direct digital signal from an iPod," it relies on a S/PDIF digital audio out (as well as analog outs) and even includes a set of component outputs for video. Notably, the iPhone and iPod touch will work here too, but unless you've got some mighty fine loudspeakers (or cans) that can take advantage of such clarity, we'd suggest holding tight to your $349 when it ships next month.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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