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Vana'diel and its RMT Special Task Force

Kyle Horner

GameSpy has an interview up with the Final Fantasy XI team about their recent heavy crackdown on real money trading in their game. The team talks about the two methods that they use to track down and deal with RMT. Although the translation is a little rough, from what we could gather the team takes into account the number of targeted accounts involved in RMT as well as the game economy reaction to their activity. Aside from that, the FFXI team looks at the forum responses from the North American, European and Japanese as well as reports of in-game mail advertising real money trades. The team say that with these methods they are seeing a real decline in RMT sales and dishonest conduct within their game.

Additionally, the team says these are only the early steps towards a complete removal of RMT from FFXI, which would be a fairly huge accomplishment for any massively game. If the monthly bans were to stop, the shady activities would definitely restart, so we're not entirely sure if the team will ever truly be done getting rid of RMT activities.

[Via Ten Ton Hammer]

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