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Almost live coverage of Casio's press conference


So after a bit of technical difficulty, we're finally posting a play-by-play of the Casio press conference which wrapped up a few minutes ago. However, rather than just posting the non-live minutiae, we'll give you a hearty gallery for a taste of the flavor. After all, we already know how it all turns out. We have to admit that while we went in with limited expectations, Casio pleasantly surprised us with a production version of the EX-F1, an iTunes compatible EX-S10 with autoshutter mode and Super Clear LCD, the EX-Z80 (like the S10 but without the Super Clear LCD), and wide-angle, 4x optical zoom EX-Z100 and EX-Z200 shooters. Casio wants to "take advantage of digital tech, not just replace film cameras." Sounds like they're on the right path to us.

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