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Reminder: Bill Gates' CES keynote happens tonight [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Major Nelson is set to live blog the keynote and is posting pictures to his Flickr account. Also, if any exciting 360 news goes down you can guarantee we'll be blogging about it.

Just a reminder fellow fanboys that you (yes you!) will be able to watch a live broadcast of Bill Gates' 2008 CES keynote tonight at 9:30PM eastern (6:30PM pacific). Tonight we may hear about the rumored Ultimate Xbox 360, maybe some new Marketplace partnerships or even learn that Microsoft will start offering a Blu-ray player peripheral (don't bank on that one). No matter what is announced, we'll get some Xbox 360 news and a first glimpse of what is planned for the 360 in 2008. To watch, simply make your way over to the Microsoft at CES website for a live feed of the keynote and be sure to have either Windows Media Player or Silverlight to watch (insert sad face for non-Microsoft fanboys). Gates walks on stage at 9:30PM eastern tonight, get pumped and watch live! Dahhh!

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