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Some guy claims he can enable WiFi on your Motorola Q9h

Chris Ziegler

We know for a fact that there are Q9s in existence with WiFi under hood -- that much isn't in dispute (it may be impossible to actually purchase such a Q9 from a carrier at this point, but that's another story altogether). What's new to us, though, is the concept that existing Q9s in the field can somehow be magically tweaked to rock WiFi too. A Canadian phone repair firm is claiming that it can add WiFi to your Rogers Q9h for a mere $80 CAD (about $80) without giving much detail on exactly how the procedure goes down -- all we know is that you've got to ship your piece in. Oh, and AT&T, Verizon, and other brands of Q9s need not apply at this point. Yet another reason to sign up with Rogers, eh?

[Thanks, Zimgrad]

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