An AT&T-branded Q9 with WiFi -- wait, what?

AT&T has a long, storied history of shunning WiFi on the lion's share of its smartphones in an effort to corral folks into picking up a hearty helping of its own HSDPA instead (much to the chagrin of many a BlackJack, N75, and Curve owner, may we add). Not only is an unlimited data package a significant additional expense, but coverage is still spotty at best -- and don't no one want to do serious internettin' over EDGE. Times may be a-changin', though; Boy Genius Report has somehow managed to unearth, of all things, an AT&T-branded Motorola Q9 with WiFi on board. With the Tilt reppin' AT&T's WiFi-equipped offerings in the WM6 Professional range, it only stands to reason that there should be some WiFi kit down in the WM6 Standard arena, too, so we hope this thing makes it to production. Any Q9 owners feeling a little twinge of regret right about now?