Rogers serves up North America's first video calling service

With the introduction of the video call capable A706 this week, Rogers is now about to bust the doors wide open with the first North American video calling service. To celebrate the launch, we hear Rogers is going to be offering some crazy incentives to get the ball rolling. The word is that by just picking up the handset on a three year contract and tacking on a inexpensive Vision plan -- as little as $5 CDN a month -- you will get three years of unlimited video calling, three months of unlimited Video on Demand, and three months of unlimited Internet access. Also in there is Rogers' VOD service which will see you watching MTV, YouTube, Sportsnet, MTV, Access Hollywood, Tonight show, CNN and more. Since that is hardly enough, Canada's 3G provider is including 25 XM channels with 5 of them exclusive to Rogers Wireless. All of this falls into the too good to be true category, so we will hold our collective breath and wait to see what's what, but know that we are seriously hoping some of Rogers altruism rubs off down here.

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