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The Daily Grind: Comedy MMOs?

One of the things that came up last night in a round of "what would you like to see" was the concept for a "comedy" MMO. Now I have to admit, I've never really considered that at all, but there are certainly elements of the silly or absurd in some of the games that we already play -- so why not a "comedy" mmo? If you run around in WoW, you'll find many many truly silly things. By way of example, think of the Winterspring Yeti quest, wherein you release a wee tiny mechanical yeti that goes chasing people hither and yon. You can almost hear the Benny Hill music in the background. If you look at different bios in CoX, you'll find many have written some awfully funny (and fun) ones to go with their character concepts. Also, there are things like Lego Universe and even Cartoon Network's FusionFall coming out that really would lend themselves to funny-business.

Now, all that said -- our favorite concept we came up with through throwing names around was a Monty Python MMO. You could have PvP/RvR castle sieges involving French Taunting, catapulting cows, and the witty usage of wooden trojan badgers. (The rabbit, after all, not being a so-witty usage.) Epic battles? Take on the Killer Rabbit, or go head-to-head with the motorcycle grannies. If you feel like soloing, you can level up your skills in How Not to be Seen, or practice your Silly Walks! With all that silliness aside, we'd like to ask you -- do you think comedy would work as a major "plot element" beyond just the one-off quest? Would you play an MMO that spent most of the time with tongue firmly in cheek? Are there any other wickedly funny properties that you think might make for a good MMO to play with friends? (Even if just in a java-based browser game like Runescape.)

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