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Hands-on with the EchoStar TR-40 and TR-50 converter boxes

Steven Kim

Just like you heard from the press conference, EchoStar is showing off a couple of new analog converter boxes. While this kind of device doesn't have a place with DISH, splitting off EchoStar gives the company freedom to take on these ventures. First up, there's the TR-40 box with a built-in 7-day EPG, program search functions and VCR auto-tune timers. This device will be coming to you under both the EchoStar and Sling Media monikers for a penny under your $40 coupon; expect it in March. Second up is the TR-50, which adds in DVR functionality for both analog and digital (including HD) OTA. Step up to this model and you also get CC support, recording pop-up reminders, and a bevy of connectivity options for added functionality (Ethernet, modem and USB). No pricing info on the TR-50 for now, so EchoStar will be picking a number before the July availability.

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