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Hands-on with Wistron NeWeb's GW4 Linux phone

Chris Ziegler

Though it bears a vague resemblance to the utterly nonexistent device pictured in Android's emulator, rest assured: the GW4 QWERTY phone from Wistron NeWeb doesn't run Google kit. It does however run some other homegrown flavor of Linux, giving promise that it could end up as a nice little clean slate on which to drop an Android image when the time comes. Like the physical phone itself, the existing UI seems really functional, if not a little rough around the edges; you get VoIP, weather and stock widgets, WiFi, and Bluetooth, though you won't find any HSDPA, UMTS, or even EDGE here. Not a bad effort, guys -- keep crackin' and we might see you fighting for market share with the OpenMoko types of the world.

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