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PSP Dragon's Lair game needs publisher

Justin McElroy

Dragon's Lair is like Dracula in Castlevania games. No matter how many times it's killed, history's most interactive DVD menu screen continues to rise from the abyss, ready to arbitrarily kill players for their lack of memorization skills. Now, the game's making its way to PSP, that is, if United Coders can find a publishers for Dirk's reanimated corpse.

This "Director's Cut" does have a few tweaks, with new scenes added, a castle map that displays your progress and five lives per player instead of three. (There's also an "Arcade" mode if you prefer fewer retries.) ... So, that's the end of the post. We know it was jarring, but unfortunately, our supply of punchy ways to end a story about Dragon's Lair were used up around the game's 17th iteration.

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