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Self-branded WinMo 6.1 smartphone leaks out of Vodafone, too

Chris Ziegler

In case none of the HP or Palm options struck your fancy, there'll be yet another way to get your Windows Mobile on through Vodafone this year. Voda has a tendency to self-brand some of its lower end offerings, and this here v16xx seems like no exception on account of its EDGE radio and 1.3 megapixel camera (though the integrated GPS is pretty nice, we suppose). The QWERTY-equipped touchscreen device will feature Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional by the time it gets around to launching in September of this year, likely sourced from a Chinese ODM that prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Worth the £120 (about $237) asking price? If you can afford to lose fast data and the fame and celebrity that comes with owning a name brand phone, we'd say so.

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