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Yahoo! takes Go to version 3, releases widget platform

Chris Ziegler

Yahoo's been taking it's mobile strategy pretty seriously over the course of the past couple years, having zoomed through two revisions of its Go portal app on multiple platforms. They've officially unveiled yet another major version today -- 3.0, to be exact -- featuring a new icon view (in addition to the old-school carousel view) and support for widgets. Widgets, you say? Yep, that's the real meat of today's announcements: Yahoo has opened the floodgates to third party development with its Mobile Developer Platform, promising a future rich with widgets that'll plug into Go and make it even meatier than it already is. eBay, MTV, and MySpace have already crafted widgets for the platform, too, so it's a promising start. Yahoo! Go 3.0 is available now for a wide variety of S60 and BlackBerry devices, and we're guessing that Windows Mobile will be following on shortly.

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