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Patch 2.3.2 going live


Is patch 2.3.2 going live today? Though there's no official word, signs point to yes. US realms, currently undergoing maintenance, have a generic downtime message on the login screen (as seen above) and no patch download starts for those attempting to log on. but if you try to log on, the patch 2.3.2 download (approximately 5MB) will start. However, European players, whose maintenance doesn't start until tomorrow, are getting a different login screen message:

This Wednesday there will be an extended maintenance to apply patch 2.3.2. Please note that all European realms will be offline from 03:00 until 11:00, Paris time (CET).

Since we've never seen a patch go live in Europe that hasn't gone live in the US, this is pretty strong evidence that today is patch day. Patch 2.3.2 will include some class tweaks (primarily for Hunters, Mages, Shamans, and Rogues), some UI changes which may mean you have to pick up updated addons, bug fixes and more. See the full patch notes (linking to the PTR notes, as the live notes aren't up yet) for official details.

Update: The patch is now downloading for US players.

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