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Overstocked and underpriced: Hori Fighting Stick

Eric Caoili

Despite Hori's reputation for producing quality arcade joysticks for consoles, its $50 Fighting Stick Wii is just too expensive for many gamers. If you're one of those people seeking an arcade alternative to the Classic Controller, but not looking to pay any more than two Jacksons, thank your lucky stars that you loaded Nintendo Wii Fanboy today -- has Hori's "Wii Digital Arcade Stick" temporarily listed for $38.95.

We can't guarantee that this deal will stay up for long, so swoop in fast and snatch your prize, like a hawk, while the sale lasts. Make sure to throw a free shipping coupon onto your order, too.

Update: Apparently, the free shipping coupon doesn't work on video game-related items. That is some straight-up malarkey. Thanks, Garu.

[Via NeoGAF]

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