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Bargain Brawl: Preorder for $19.82! [update 2]

Eric Caoili

You'll be kicking yourself for months if you don't rush over to Wal-Mart's online store right now to put in your Super Smash Bros Brawl preorder before someone at the giant retailer wises up and updates the listing. At $19.82, this is likely the lowest you'll see this game priced for the next couple of years, so you would be a fool to not immediately pounce on this. And you know how we feel about fools -- we have no pity for them. None!

Here's a protip for those of you who missed out on this reservation deal because you didn't hear about it until much later in the day: read Wii Fanboy more often.

Update: Sale's over, kids! We hope you took advantage of this while it lasted!

Update 2: Wal-Mart has canceled all preorders. :'o(

[Thanks, John, Keith, and Mario!]

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