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Harmonix's top tips for fledgling Rock Band drummers

Have you found it difficult to transition to the higher difficulty drum tours on Rock Band? Nursing blistered palms after your fifteenth attempt of "Won't Get Fooled Again"? Do your calves throb after putting them through the bass pedal gauntlet known as "Maps"? Don't fret -- Harmonix recently descended from their throne of rock to help guide your feeble attempts to be the next Keith Moon (though none of their helpful tips include "destroy every drum set you ever play on, then overdose at the age of 31.")

In a recent article for Wired, the Rock Band developers shared some valuable advice for the percussionist-in-training, including how to properly use the bass pedal, and, of course, a detailed explanation of the mighty paradiddle. We've been paradiddling all night, and we must say, our hands are getting awfully tired. Perhaps the creamy embrace of Rock Jam will expedite our fevered training.

[via Evil Avatar]

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