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New Wii colors coming our way?


If you're the kind of cat or kitten that listens to "reports" on "things," then you'll want to turn your furry ears in this direction. Apparently, a stray Target receipt containing some elicit information made its way out onto the internet today (you know how those get around). Just what does this slip of paper tell us? According to the supplier (a Target employee), the store has begun listing the Wii as "White" in color, as opposed to just "Wii-colored" or "sold-out." The suggestion is that with the sudden delineation of color, more than "White" may be on the way -- speculation due mostly in part to Target's receipt-prescience on things like iPod deletions and the like. Of course, we've been hearing this kind of stuff for awhile, so we're not holding our breath on the issue, and suggest you do the same. Er, don't do. Don't hold your breath.

[Via The Boy Genius Report]

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