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LaCie slides Samsung's 1.3-inch HDD into Little Disk, USB Key Max

Darren Murph

Remember that 1.3-inch hard drive that Samsung cut loose at CES? Even if that somehow managed to get lost in the blur, you can refocus a bit now that LaCie has decided to slip it into its forthcoming Little Disk and USB Key Max. Reportedly, the devices will be available (as in, real soon) in 30GB / 40GB flavors, and yes, they'll now fit into even tighter jeans. We'll hand it to 'em -- that's quite a bit of space for Deep Purple jams, receipt scans and interoffice love letters, but you'll have to pony up at least $119.99 for the Little Disk (now with more little!) or $109.99 for the USB Key Max.

[Via Tech-On]

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