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Multicore memory in the works?

Nilay Patel

Multicore processors have become a major part of the consumer mainstream in the past couple years, but if a cryptographic researcher named Joseph Ashwood has his way, the next few years will see the rise of multicore memory. Ashwood's design, which he's had positively reviewed by a team at Carnegie Mellon, allows memory to actually become faster as it gets bigger, due to the way data is organized across individual memory cells. Ashwood says the ratio is almost 1:1 -- doubling size should result in a doubling of speed -- but it's all theory for now, as he's only gotten as far as the software simulation stage. Once a manufacturer commits to the tech, however, Ashwood says chips could be coming off fabs in as little as three months, but it'll be interesting to see who signs up first -- with so many next-gen RAM techs all jostling for position, Ashwood is going to need quite a sales pitch to stand out.

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