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Pirates of the Burning Sea late-comers need not worry

Kyle Horner

Tobold has written a great post concerning whether or not players coming into Pirates of the Burning Sea at launch should worry about not getting into the pre-order play period. Well worry not -- aside from the fact that the level cap is 20 until launch day -- some solid points are also made by Tobold about why players late to the party are going to have an easier time starting from scratch.

That reason? Simply put, there should be plenty of fair priced ships ready for purchase as players ding through content. Not only that, but new players will also have access to cheap ship outfittings, consumables and ammo from the moment they log in. Not only do we agree with Tobold on all of that, but we agree on the point that experience is going to play the largest advantage. The most experienced players are part of the super-dedicated beta guilds and will probably be helping to guide all the newbies at launch in the first place. Well that and blasting ships out of PvP waters.

Either way, when you log into Pirates of the Burning Sea on launch day, feel comfort in knowing all the leg work of starting the economy is done.

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