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A preview of D&D Online's sixth module

Michael Zenke

While the focus on much of the MMO community is on the reigning champ or the upcoming hotness, loyal fans keep smaller games not only afloat but flourishing. Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online is one such game tirelessly continuing development , despite the lack of mainstream media attention or general community buzz. Gamespy has coverage of the next release slated for the game, Module Six: "The Thirteenth Eclipse". It should be patched in before the end of the month.

The video above nicely encapsulates the highlights of the next publish, which will offer the beginnings of a crafting system and the introduction of a demonic struggle to the continent of Xen'drick. The demon attack is especially interesting for fans of the Eberron setting; the fiends are invading from one of the mysterious outer planes, slipping into the world through a collision between the prime material plane and the Shavarath Battleground. Great stuff, reaching deep into the setting's lore. For a full look at the publish make sure you check out the written article.

It's worth noting that this piece is just another in GameSpy's pattern of giving quality coverage to MMOs. Whether it's an interview with the FFXI team or a peak at Project Entropia's 2008 plans, they're doing top-notch work over there.

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