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PixelJunk Monsters to invade PSN on Jan. 24


We recently discovered that we've been playing tower defense real-time strategy games completely wrong all along. It's not entirely our fault, mind you, as the genre's name misled us to believe we had to, you know, defend the towers as opposed to using them to protect an utterly hapless village. We'll improve our understanding when PixelJunk Monsters erects itself on the PlayStation Network next Thursday, January 24th, and encourages us to throw in the tower as often as possible.

Developed by Q Games and illustrated with hand-drawn 2D artwork, PixelJunk Monsters sees players constructing all manner of defensive towers in a bid to wipe out marauding monsters. Destroying a lush forest provides the material and the gold and gems looted from fanged corpses provide the financial power to your gauntlet of startlingly efficient death. Really, it's just the sort of cute game Japan needs to overcome its weird PSN phobia.

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