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Anthony Bourdain loves Ghost Squad, chicken feet


Ghost Squad is rapidly becoming the game of choice among celebrities. We don't really have much in common with chef/writer/crazy person Anthony Bourdain. He's a vocal grump about food: it either has to be fine cuisine or prohibitively authentic regional dishes (i.e. gross Fear Factor stuff) or it's garbage; our lunch today was first frozen and then microwaved.

But Bourdain revealed a commonality between the famous food nerd and game nerds when, during a stay in Korea as part of his No Reservations show, he went to an arcade with his guide and made a beeline for the Ghost Squad machine, going so far as to declare it "my favorite game in the world."

Of course, being No Reservations, the rest of the clip involves eating disgusting stuff. Skip to around the 8 minute mark for the arcade trip, and enjoy Bourdain's genuine enthusiasm for Ghost Squad. The segment continues into the first few seconds of the next clip of the show, when Bourdain has a mock fit over being forced to walk away from the game.

[Thanks, Jim!]

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