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VC Friday: Remember the N64?


You do? Great! And do you also recall how N64 games would occasionally pop up on the Virtual Console? No?

Well, we can't blame you if it slipped your mind. It's been almost three months since PAL gamers last saw an N64 game on the VC (for the record, it was Yoshi's Story), but this week sees the fuzz-tacular console make a return. And, despite our snarky tone, 1080° Snowboarding is actually an ace reminder of the console. This blogger still has fresh memories of shaving milliseconds from his best Time Trial performances with Dion Blaster. Never did pull off a 1080°, mind.

Streets of Rage imitator Riot Zone makes the leap from the Turbografx-16 to complete this week's PAL platter of retro goodness.

  • 1080° Snowboarding -- N64 -- 1000 Wii points
  • Riot Zone -- Turbografx -- 800 Wii points

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