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N+ greenlighted for Xbox Live Arcade, includes multiplayer

News about the Xbox Live Arcade adaptation of N, the popular freeware platformer featuring everyone's favorite pint-sized, treasure hungry ninja, has been slim as of late. Though news of a cancellation or delay of the title would not surprise our bitter, jaded hearts, we were pleased to learn that N+ was recently approved by the XBLA gatekeepers, and should be showing up in the marketplace before too much longer.

Of course, you could always download the full PC version of the game for free, however, you'll be missing out on the upgraded features and visuals of the XBLA title, not to mention the recently announced multiplayer modes. With frantic, four-player ninja-on-ninja-on-ninja-on-ninja action, we're sure the game will be a big hit -- we just hope this will allow developer Slick Entertainment to afford a longer title for their next creation.

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