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DS Daily: Recent purchases


We're gonna guess that you haven't bought an actual DS lately, since they're sold out most places we look (seems to be a trend for Nintendo), but we still like to keep up with the games you're picking up. Taken advantage of any great sales or preorder bonuses lately? Just picked up a game because you had to have it? What have you bought recently? Since there haven't been a lot of big releases (but that is changing, as of right about ... now), we're curious what you've done to tide yourself over in the last month or so. Or, if you're not buying games, are you buying accessories? We've been doing a lot of cooing over various cases lately here at the DSF offices.

Also, we always like any excuse to watch this. Sure, it's not from a DS game, but hey, who's drawing battle lines between various Nintendo products here? Not us!

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