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Get into Exit DS with this Flash demo


Taito has finally uploaded the Flash demo for Exit DS, and we aren't sure if it was actually the best thing to do. We can only hope that the real stylus controls work better than the mouse controls in this simulated version. To move Mr. ESC around in this demo, you click on him and then drag in the direction you'd like him to move, or tap him and tap a destination. To interact with an item or the environment, you click on Mr. ESC and then the item. That part took us a while to figure out, causing our hapless Mr. ESC to make multiple attempts to extinguish a fire bodily.

Rather than making the game's operation either fresh or simple, as the best new control schemes do, this wacky scheme obfuscates what would be some simple movement, and makes tedious chores out of just about every motion. Of course, the DS version also has the option to play with a normal control scheme, so you should look not only at the controls, but also at the demo as a whole when deciding whether to grab Exit DS or to run away. We think the puzzle-adventure gameplay manages to shine through the mess.

[Via GoNintendo]

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