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Intelligent dashboard could shut off distractions to improve reaction times

Darren Murph

We've already seen whips that brake for us, steer for us and wheel us into that last remaining spot on 5th Avenue without marring someone's BMW, so it follows logic that we'd see vehicles that peer into our minds, too. Research done by a crew at the Technical University of Berlin has shown that a "smart dashboard" could one day deactivate distractions within the vehicle in order to improve driver response if things simply get too hectic. Reportedly, the system could switch off in-car gadgetry (you know, navigators, radios, Hello Kitty headsets, etc.) when one's brain became overloaded in order to speed up reaction time "by as much as 100-milliseconds." Of course, this is assuming that said brain won't melt down even further when that beloved iPod inexplicably shuts off just as Slash gears up for some serious shredding in Welcome to the Jungle, but nevertheless, we applaud the effort.

[Image courtesy of TAMU]

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