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Disney uses the DS as tiniest tour guide

Justin McElroy

As anyone who's been to Walt Disney World can tell you, it's a dangerous place. Around every corner there are hot dogs that not only cost $9 but would likely lead to an early grave and one wrong turn can lead you to fake Mexico where a charming local will try to trick you into smuggling "Disney Magic" into fake Germany. It's rough. Luckily, Disney is rolling out the Disney Magic Connection, a new portable tour guide that runs on Nintendo's DS to help keep newbies out of such tight spots.

The system is GPS equipped so you can use it to see where you are in the park and the best way to get to some of the most important attractions (the restrooms). Sadly, you can't use your own system (magic doesn't come standard on the DS), but you probably wouldn't want to take it into the wilds of the park anyway.

[Via Engadget]

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