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CSM's Ultimate Gaming rig is pretty potent, cheap... in the UK

Darren Murph

Every so often, we get wind of a mysterious gaming rig that's so powerful, so mighty, that the entire world just has to see it. Unfortunately for most, this particular one will remain a pipe dream, primarily due to the UK's impeccably strong pound and America's woefully weak dollar. Nevertheless, those shacked up on the other side of the pond can grab Computer Supermarket's (we know, we know) Ultimate Gaming rig, which is home to an Intel Q6600 quad-core CPU, 8GB of DDR2 RAM, a 750GB SATA II hard drive, NVIDIA's 512MB 8600GT graphics card, a dual-layer DVD burner, 22-inch LCD, Windows Vista, keyboard / mouse and a fairly decent assortment of ports. All this pizazz can be yours for just £938.83 if you're in the right place, but for $1,829, we'll probably look elsewhere over here.

[Via RandomlyAccessed]

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