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OgoClips make your Ogo CT-25 better, clippier


The IXI mobile Ogo CT-25 features a gimmicky -- but undeniably cool -- area on the hinge where they've left space to clip on one of a small pile of attachments. The list currently features the Handset OC-HS1, a wireless handset that clips on your shirt and uses the Ogo to charge, extending a small slider answers an incoming call and the reverse hangs up. Need blink? IXI also has the Lights OC-LT1, a multicolored LED light that can be configured to flash for different events, with different colors used for distinguish between say a text and an email. Also up on the site is the Stream OC-ST1, a Bluetooth headset that can be used with the Ogo for calls and streaming music. Last up -- yeah, we've saved the strangest for last -- is the Bottle Opener OC-BO1 (we're not making this stuff up) a, simple aluminum bottle opener that, umm, opens bottles. All of the powered devices use the Ogo as a charging station so they're ready whenever you need em, the other uses your lips and beverage of choice . No word on street date or pricing, but we're strangely drawn into the world of the Ogo now that they've brought all this nifty Kung-Fu to the table. Damn you IXI mobile!

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