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Rumor again: Rez hits XBLA next week


When rumors begin to pile up, you begin to ask yourself whether it's because the rumor is true or because you want it to be true. Keeping that in mind, we present you with a modified rumor, the original version of which we ran earlier this week. The rumor goes a little something ... a-like-a this: Rez HD could be hitting Xbox Live Arcade next week. Yes, only two days ago we were reporting that Rez could have been out today, but this time ... we're serious. A Q Entertainment spokesperson recently told Eurogamer that the game is "being prepped" and only awaits the proverbial green light from Microsoft, to which the spokesperson added, "Maybe next week?" Could it be true? Yes. Do we want it to be true? Affirmative. Thus, a rumor it remains.


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