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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty demo goes Live

Justin McElroy

They may not admit it aloud, but the one secret wish of most game designers is that the Nazis could have perfected time travel. Think of it: Splinter cells of the Third Reich that could be at any point or any place in history! Game design would be a simple as "Copy All Nazis", "Load 'Woodstock'", "Paste All Nazis". Instant game! Without the crutch of Nazi time travel to lean on, Codemasters has done then next best thing and created an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

Now, you can see for yourself how easy game developers could have it if the Nazis were still kicking around with a demo for the game that just arrived on Xbox Live. Hopefully it can scratch the itch that Woodshock: Reich and Roll never will.

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