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Advance Wars: Chart of Damage

Eric Caoili

The hardcore Advance Wars players among you likely already have all this data committed to heart, but for those of you still figuring out which units are the most effective for a given situation, you might want to have a look at this chart, maybe even print it out and laminate it like we have.

GameFaqs poster GipFace drew up this informative table listing the amount of damage a specific unit will inflict on another, minus any modifiers (e.g. terrain, unit level, etc.). You can spot some new changes and develop a few useful strategems for Days of Ruin based on the presented data:
  • Infantry does as much damage as a Tank when up against an Anti-Tank
  • you can take down a Fighter with an Anti-Air/Duster combo
  • build more Seaplanes!
Remember what Major Adam Steiner used to always say in the BattleTech cartoon: "Information is ammunition!"

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