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Metareview - No More Heroes (Wii)


The critical consensus on No More Heroes has more or less quelled our fears: It plays nothing like Suda 51's last cel-shaded bizarro-fest, Killer 7. Though the stylized characters and unrelentingly quirky atmosphere remains, Grasshopper Manufacture's wack 'n slash seems to benefit greatly from frenetic fighting and gallons of comical blood (at least if you're playing the American version). Looks like we'll be wanting that sequel after all, Suda.
  • GameSpy (80/100): "Its controls aren't always as solid as the visual and narrative experience, however; driving around Santa Destroy is a little clunky, and some of the mini-games get old fast. But the visual experience, zany storytelling and quirky moments make it more accessible than Killer 7 ever was, though it's certainly not a game for everyone."
  • IGN (78/10): "No More Heroes isn't the most polished game out there, and it certainly has its fair share of quirks all around, but it deserves to keep its place in the libraries of the more serious Wii gamers just the same. Suda 51 promised a violent, stylistic spectacle, and he delivered."
  • X-Play (100/100): "Death is hilariously over the top, bodies collapse in sections, heads pop like released balloons, amidst a symphony of screams from larynx free throats. Travis plays sweetly on these organs, the moans are applause. We love Suda and the imaginative commitment to No More Heroes, from the brown zep-dropping humanity of save points, to the incredible characters, story, and fight mechanic, we give No More Heroes a 5 out of 5."

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