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SCEE: European PS3 install base to beat Xbox 360 in summer


While the PS3 continues to lag behind its Microsoft rival in America, it has done splendidly well in other parts of the globe. It's a non-contest in Japan, where sales of Xbox 360 have been abysmal at best. Europe, on the other hand, is an interesting territory. The PlayStation brand carries much more weight in the territory, and it's slowly on its way of overtaking the 360, in spite of its one year delayed release.

SCEE president and CEO David Reeves this week, revealed that PS3 has already outsold 360 in certain territories such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy. He told MCV, "We don't often mention the competition, but I will give you some interesting data: In terms of installed base in some of our major markets, such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy – plus some distributor territories in smaller markets like Switzerland – our current cumulative installed base is now higher than Xbox 360.

However, a majority of the console's sales comes from the UK, and PS3 has yet to fully conquer. However, the outspoken Reeves is confident in their goals. "The team here expect to overtake the installed base of Xbox 360 across all PAL territories in late summer." And why do they believe such a lofty goal is possible? "It's also worth mentioning that last week we outsold Xbox 360 in PAL territories by a ratio of three to one."


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