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Switchblade adding support for Hellgate: London and Half-Life 2

William Dobson

Some of you may have already been playing your World of Warcraft on a game controller with the aid of Switchblade. For the uninitiated, Switchblade is a highly configurable piece of software that will have you playing WoW with your Xbox 360 gamepad, or other controller, in no time. The company behind this nifty little application, Blue Orb, have announced that they will be adding support for two more games, Hellgate: London and Half-Life 2.

The updated client will be released on January 29th. Once it is added, users should be able to switch between "Blades" on the software to go between the supported games. Along with the main upgrade, there will also be some new class-specific templates added for WoW to make setup even easier. The best part about Switchblade is that it's free, so if you want to try it out with WoW (and the other games after the 29th) then visit the official site.


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