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Maple Story DS still coming this year, will have some multiplayer


Over the past year, we've been fed a few tiny tidbits on Maple Story DS, the ARPG take on the popular MMORPG, and despite the few details we've heard (and seen), it seems the title is still set to hit this year. In a new interview with Gamasutra, Nexon's Stephen Lee reports that the company has been "aggressively developing" the DS title, and also shed some light on the lack of online multiplayer. Lee says this game will be very different from the MMO, though the game will boast "some features that support multiplayer," but the primary focus is on the single-player experience. While this may continue to disappoint those who'd hoped for even a local multiplayer Maple Story experience on their handheld, for others who tend to play alone anyway, this may actually be even more appealing.

According to Lee, Maple Story DS will launch first in South Korea, and from there ... the world.

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