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Video: Bloodshot's forensic funnery

Dustin Burg

We've seen a few trailers, some hobo thwacking and now we get a chance to preview Condemned 2: Bloodshot's forensic gameplay. Embedded above is said forensic footage that'll give you a really brief look at the optional forensic work you'll encounter in the game. Our first impression is that the game's forensic fun is more detailed and interactive that the original as you get to choose from various options and aren't "fed" information on which tool you must use or what you have to look for. Though, after a second look, it's obvious that Bloodshot's forensics are quite scripted and simple. Male or female? Blood splatter or blood smear? Yadda, yadda, yadda. But, like we said, the forensic work is optional, so you can progress through the game like normal if you choose to focus your energy on beating hobos instead. Hobo beating FTW!

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