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Forum fun: you can't always get what you want

Chris Chester

When it comes to MMOs, change is inevitable. Every conscious decision that the developers make in response to player feedback is liable to affect the game in a number of important, though quite often unforeseen ways. When Destination Games acknowledged that they were going to tweak the effects of health and armor in Tabula Rasa's patch 1.4, most people (including yours truly) assumed that bumping up health relative to armor would have the positive effect of encouraging a larger role for Tabula Rasa's underutilized healing classes. And while experimentation on the public test server has shown that this has largely come to fruition, it has not come without its side-effects.

The TR crew also opted to make similar changes in the health/armor to Tabula Rasa's enemies, and a large segment of the community has made the case that this has slowed the pace of the combat on the PTS considerably. Tabula Rasa's combat, driven in large part by the brain power of designer Paul Sage, was the one area of the game that most people agreed was an unmitigated success. Even playing solo, players get to feel like Rambo (more Rambo IV in this case than the first one) as they use high tech weaponry to pew pew wave upon wave of enemies. Reports from the PTS, confirmed by this blogger, show that the average engagement has increased by several seconds. Moreover, fights with multiple enemies (which are really the combat du jour) are made even more difficult by enhanced armor regeneration for humanoid enemies.

Sadly, there isn't much for players to do but bitch. And bitching alone won't fill the content gap from 30 to 50!

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