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Mythos' Executive Producer gets interviewed

Kyle Horner

Over at Stropp's World, there's a very good interview with Max Schaefer -- Executive Producer for Mythos. To clarify; Mythos is a top-down Diablo-style massively game that's been in beta testing for a very long time now.

Upon release Flagship Studios plans for Mythos to be free-to-play with an RMT model. In the interview itself, Max discusses their decision to use an RMT system. Citing the developer's desire to provide players with a "robust free experience" but offer attractive options through RMT to obtain extra luxuries and ways to improve their adventure. One thing we were happy to take from the interview is that Flagship knows better than to just sell the best items in their game -- meaning the only way to get the best loot in Mythos is to kill stuff.

Beyond the RMT issue (which some may or may not like, but hey the game's free right?) there is a lot of talk about future features. A crafting system is on the way, although not very much is known about it right now. There will be basic PvP dueling and the Shadow World; a series of portals throughout the regular game world, which lead to an exact mirror world where PvP is everywhere. Also, other modes like group vs. group, Capture the Flag-type and other non-player killing competitions are in the works. We have to admit that the Shadow World concept interests us, although it's not very surprising to hear.

[Thanks, Stropp]

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