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Codemasters looks to outer space for next MMO with Jumpgate Evolution

Jason Dobson

Codemasters' love affair with all things MMO seems to have no bounds, with the company continuing to throw money and people at the genre like a kind of catapult gone mad. Though like a clueless homeowner who perpetually waters his plants into an early grave, Codemasters' track record with keeping the MMOs under its stead alive is spotty at best.

Its latest target is NetDevil's re-engineered space-combat MMO Jumpgate Evolution, which Codemasters announced today that it will publish across both North America and Europe in "late 2008." While the game's North American release will be handled by both NetDevil and Codemasters' online devision in tandem, the publisher/developer will be calling the shots all by its lonesome for the title's European debut. Given Jumpgate's lineage, the title tracing its roots all the way back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth in 2001, this is a game that many have been waiting to offer up subscription fees to play for some time -- though given Codemasters' history we predict that players may be playing the game for free before it's all said and done.

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