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Console CryEngine 2 will be shown at GDC; console Crysis still not confirmed


According to CVG, Crytek will unveil a cross-platform version of its CryEngine 2 at next month's Game Developers Conference. The CryEngine 2 is best known for making PCs across the planet chug in pain attempting to run Crysis at high settings; this new cross-platform engine will be unveiled running on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but no word on what game will be shown. Crytek will also show off "how well the fully optimized" engine runs on a PC costing around $600.

Although the implication of this news is that Crysis is making its way to consoles after a less-than-stellar PC performance, the latest rumors talk about a Crysis 1.5 for PS3. This would be very similar to what Crytek already did when its first game Far Cry was altered for consoles.

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