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Samsung's P2 Blue Wave firmware update - take 2


As promised, Samsung is prepped to deliver its second P2 update of the month. Whereas the first brought many of the Bluetooth enhancements long promised, this release is focused on tidying up the UI with tweaks both cosmetic and functional. A video "leaked" onto the web of interconnected tubes shows us new 3Dish icons up front with a album artwork navigation similar to Coverflow but done by Samsung -- in other words pretty, in the way some find the BlackJack pretty. The new firmware also brings the ability to tag a song and then loop between the point you set, enhanced EQ control, the ability to control the speed of audio playback (useful when learning a language or transcribing notes, we presume), more control over video to make the most use of that 480 x 272 display, an improved photo viewer with touch manipulation and gesture manipulation, games, an alarm clock, and more. Better yet, all the newnesss won't cost you a cent -- its all free when released later this month.

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