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Nokia to flaunt S60 Touch UI at Mobile World Congress

Chris Ziegler

Since its grand announcement last year, Nokia's next-gen UI for S60 has been little more than a pretty face teased to us by a handful of quick, glancing videos and overly slick ad campaigns; 2008's in full swing now, though, and the time has come for S60 Touch to get just a bit more real. The company has announced through its See into S60 blog that it'll be demoing the S60 Touch UI at Mobile World Congress this year -- a show that's creeping right up on us on the 11th of this month (yay!) -- and while there's no promise of exactly what's going to be demoed, they could demo just about anything and it'd be more than what's been demoed so far. Also on the docket is some info regarding "S60 sensor technologies," suggesting that S60 Touch devices will likely rely heavily on accelerometers and... well, you know, touch sensors to do their thing.

[Via All About Symbian]

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