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Journler's licensing shift means next version is paid-only


When Phillip Dow first introduced Journler, the accessible yet remarkably feature-deep journaling and personal information repository app, he made a distinction between commercial licensing and personal use. Journler users who wanted to make money or do business with the program would pay, and anyone using it for its core functionality (personal journals) could donate what they saw fit for the program.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with things that can be had for free, Phil didn't see the revenue from commercial licensing + personal donations that he needed to support the program. To allow him to continue developing Journler, with the forthcoming 2.6 release, the app is moving to a paid-only license: a single use license will be $34.95, with no more free rides (but a generous 60-day evaluation period). Yesterday the educational & family pack pricing for the new license was announced: $19.95 for students, including K-12, undergrad and graduate use; $99.95 for a 5-license family pack. Both special purchase options are a 40% savings over the standard license.

I've come to appreciate Journler as I've used it over the past few weeks, and I think this is the right call for this capable tool. We'll be looking at Journler in more detail soon, along with some of its competitors, but you should check it out now.

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