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Put Skype on your Apple TV


Making phone calls from your television set is a clear sign that you are Living in the Future (tm), right up there with the jet packs and the meals-in-a-pill that we're all enjoying so much. If your current TV/phone configuration isn't meeting your needs, developer Brandon Holland has your back; he's just released an extremely early version of his Skype for Apple TV plugin (noted last month & today at Engadget) that leverages the Skype API to allow calls via USB headsets, text messages and more.

I can't really picture how this module is going to work for actual calling (and I don't have an Apple TV to try it out on), but if it refines into a true Skype client, and the Take 2 update doesn't completely nuke the Apple TV development scene, and Skype gets past its current security worries, this could be a very interesting path towards our videophone-enabled, jet-pack-wearing future.

Update: Matt comments that Brandon has a demo video up on his site, which is both technically interesting and slightly hilarious (watch for the test call where he tries to put the moves on Echo123, that faceless e-babe).

Thanks CK!

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